Nutritious Snacks

Guidelines for Healthy Snacks

Most people nowadays are so busy, they barely get the chance to have a decent meal. Gone are the days when people had 3 healthy meals a day so they settle on snacks and most often it is the unhealthy kind. In a world where there is an increase of allergies and life style diseases, there is need for people to start snacking healthily. In between meals or when one is too busy to have a good meal, they should have a nutritious snack.

What would make a snack healthy?

A snack is a small portion of food mostly eaten between main meals that acts as an energy booster. Snacks help in boosting low energy levels. Here is what constitutes a nutritious snack for those who are vegan, eat gluten free food, have allergies or are simply looking to be healthy.

High in nutrients- a nutritious snack should be rich in vitamins and minerals and low in calories, processed sugars and fats. This includes organic fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole grains etc. The snack should constitute to a balanced diet and should be high in fiber. The sweetness of a snack is irrelevant as all that matters is its nutritional value.

Pair up carbohydrates and proteins- the main aim of a snack is to keep you going through put the day. Proteins are body building foods and digest slowly making you fill up while carbohydrates boost in energy. The two combined, say some almonds with low-fat cheese, will make your energy levels last longer. Pairing this two is a simple method of preventing weight gain as they will prevent you from feeding unnecessarily.

Take a sensible approach to eating;  Namely, choose foods that are very nutritious and don’t over indulge.

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